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About Spring Term

Imagine that you could take one unique course for four weeks, exploring a topic in depth with one of the world’s leading experts, working intensely alongside your fellow students and your professor. That’s the essence of the W&L Spring Term. The W&L faculty have created over 200 intensive courses that are designed only for the four-week term.

These courses were set up with the “dream class” concept in mind: we asked the faculty, “if you could teach the course of your dreams, what would it be?” The courses that have been created are remarkable examples of creative and expansive teaching, many of which are designed to take our students off campus and study the subject matter on-site: the Science of Cooking in Italy – the Freedom Rides throughout the Civil Rights South – African Economic Development in Ghana – Intelligence in Practice in Washington, D.C. – the Geology of Greece – and many, many more. Our goal is for students to exclaim after taking a spring term course, “this course changed my life.”

This spring, join our student bloggers as they travel the globe in search of a greater understanding not only of the subjects they’re studying, but the world in which we live today.