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Business in Ireland

BUS 401
Galway, Ireland
Prof: Roger Dean

Twenty-five years ago, Ireland was regarded as the “poorest of the rich nations”. Then it grew to one of the richest and strongest economies in the world. During these “Celtic Tiger” years, Ireland benefited from partnerships with government, business, and labor unions, and received significant direct foreign investments. However, at the end of 2008 Ireland encountered severe economic difficulties. This course, based in County Galway, has two primary objectives: 1. To immerse students into the culture (history, literature, theater, religion, social norms) of Ireland, via lectures and field trips to sites of historic and cultural significance, including a course-concluding medieval banquet and traditional Irish entertainment at a historic castle; and 2. To study the economy, management practices, and business climate of modern Ireland including its role in the European Union via lectures, meetings with business leaders, and visits to national and international businesses.


Our Blogger: Bentley Boldt

Bentley Boldt is a Cardinals baseball-enthusiast with an 11-hour drive between Lexington and home, Saint Louis, Missouri. Living there all her life, she never expected to come to Virginia but now couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Finishing her junior year, Bentley is split between Reid and Newcomb Hall, a double major in Sociology and Mass Communications. She is an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and just finished her term as a recruitment chair. Bentley is also a part of the Third Year Housing Committee, which helps put student voices into the details of the future on-campus housing. It is her first time in Europe.


  • Class Year: 2016
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