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Caste at the Intersection of Economics, Religion and Law

Lexington, VA
Profs. Shikha Silwal and Tim Lubin

Social stratification touches every aspect of life, and South Asia’s traditional caste structure is a special case: this highly complex, strictly adhered to system has been religiously legitimized and criticized over a 3000-year history, and is nowadays seen as being at odds with the modern world. Yet it remains a crucial factor in social identity, economic roles, legal status, and religious practice. This course offers a 360º survey of caste both historically and in practice today in Nepal. The four weeks of the course will address four themes, respectively, providing for each a combination of historical background, social scientific analysis of the modern situation, and direct field experience for the students. Originally scheduled to take place in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our Blogger: Elena Diller

Elena Diller is a rising junior from Rome, Georgia. She’s majoring in sociology and anthropology and is also pre-med. When she’s not studying, Elena is a peer counselor and travels to Richmond as a volunteer venture leader. In her free time, you can find her taste-testing gelato at Pronto and volunteering at Project Horizon.

  • Class Year: 2017
  • Major: Sociology and Anthropology
  • Hometown: Rome, GA
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