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Chesapeake Bay Ecology

GEOL 105
Chesapeake Bay Region
Prof. Jill Leonard-Pingel

A baseline for conservation and restoration efforts is needed to help set proper restoration goals and assess the success of restoration efforts. In many cases, degradation of biological communities and their physical environments takes place over longer time than a human lifespan, resulting in a shifting reference points. This course explores how to use the paleontological, archaeological, historical, and recent data to chart the decline of Chesapeake Bay communities, as well as how to apply those baselines to current restoration efforts.


Our Blogger: Karen Santana-Garces

Karen Santana-Garces is a double major in Economics and Global Politics from Livonia, Michigan. She is on the Fancy Dress Committee, a member of Washington and Lee Student Consulting, a member of Money Matters and the Michigan State Chair for Mock Convention.

“I was really interested in taking this course because I haven’t been able to take a lab science yet, and Spring Term allows for an immersive experience a regular class can’t offer with unique field trips that really give an inside to the Chesapeake Bay’s marine and geological history.”

  • Class Year: 2017
  • Major(s): Politics
  • Hometown: Livonia, MI
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